Life is beautiful when you know how to live and cherish every moment. This sums up my new beautiful life experience. My health is in much better shape and speaking of which, I love my shape now! Ask my better half and he too concurs!!The beauty of which, it not only elevates my well being but also providing me the extended benefits and happiness that I long before.

I was in corporate world for more than 10 years. Life used to be in such haste! Deadlines to meet, kids to feed, work assignments, kids’ homework, endless meetings, groceries and etcetera. Some days are completely insane. Most days I was caught in dilemma between the time with family and time at work. I didn’t even have time for myself – pick up a book, treats like spa or facial, hang out with girlfriends or just enjoy my Sundays without worrying about dreading Monday! And I hate office politics too

Now I’m taking in control back of my health and time. I look good, I feel good. Best of all, I’m a mumpreneur well on my way to achieve time and financial freedom! Insyallah 