Monday, October 18, 2010

Billy Bookcase

Another reason to be smiling today. I found out that the IKEA billy bookcase price is reduced to RM169 from RM185! To book lovers, this simple means - new case = lots of new shelves = lots and lots of new books! Yay!
Do you know that to date there's more than 41 million Billy Bookcases sold worldwide? Wow! A simple case.
What does your bookcase say about you? - an article from TIMES about the Billy bookcase and to my wonder, what we choose to display or have on our shelves speaks about personalities. Ye ke? I'm a bit shy to post picture of my bookcases - some are quite organized, some remained untouched for yonks of years (terselit katak mati pon tak tau), and some are just upside down (esp with the kids shelves)!
All in all, I love the sight of my bookcases in my living room, study room and kids room. In fact, the cases are the centrepiece item in my living room, far more valuable than the big tv or a 20k art painting! (errr no, I don't have one).

And here's a pic of my ultimate dream wish to have bookcases!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I'm the supermom!

My day starts as early as 6.00 a.m and ends just after midnight. In between, I juggle the tasks of being a mom, wife, teacher, cleaner and cooker. On lucky days, I get to shower more than 5 minutes! It's a bonus if I get online and check my emails.

It sure is tough being a full time mom without a maid. Still, I never felt so contented before than now when I'm able provide my lovelies the basic necessities with my own bare hands. Sure it was nice to be able to buy them anything when I was earning 5 figures income, but to hear from your son this "Mama, you're a great cook!"... priceless (tho's it was just a mini pizza using jacob crackers!).

To my mama, I truly understand now your pains raising us without maid back then. Thank you loads and no words but only prays that I can offer for all that you've done for us. Then, now and forever. Love you much, Mama.