Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A different model

From spending hours constructing 3G related business models, now I'm cutting paper and putting together dinosaur models. Fun but I must say it's also a headache as my new project manager is even more demanding than my previous boss! Mr. Kashfy comes up every 10 minutes or so asking "Is it done yet?". Pressure lar mommy!

When I started out from a book, I thought it would be just a task to complete. But as I went along cutting out the pieces and gluing them on, I actually enjoyed every minute of it and I persisted till wee hours to complete all 5 models. And the look on his face when it's done was priceless:-) See we don't need Mastercard to get those priceless joys! Oh yes, the book only cost RM14 at BookXcess. Fabulous! Now at first mention, Kash knows all the dinosaur's model name (which I'm still grasping at times). That's my paleontologist! Bijak, bijak.

Que Sera Sera

What will I be? An art director? That's according to Ms Kya. I always knew she has a knack for it. I, on the other hands, hopeless in arts. If that's her interest, then I will do my best to fuel that interest. Not an accountant. Not a lawyer or a doctor (tho' I still wish for one doctor in the family.. hush,every parent's dream). The point is, to explore every talent they have and harness those potentials within. Unlike deciding on a sole suspection like "Ok, you did very well in account for SPM considering you're self tought, let's be an accountant!"

So, I imagine whilst my son is off on an adventure in search of fossils, my daughter will be busy preparing for her art gallery opening. And here's my darling with her first winning art competition.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Books galore - yummy

I love books. I love sale. So when it's book sale, it's fantabulous and nothing in the world can stop me from going there. So it is. It's Book Xcess 3rd Anniversary Book Sale. So we went and we conquered. Yeay! Here's the loot for the day:

Believe it or not, all this just costs me RM150. Not too bad, eh? Book Xceess sells overun book production (and unbelieveable some are even new titles) at really bargain price. I just discovered the place at Amcorp Mall this year. A gem, indeed.

For mommy - notice below I have wide spread in books selection- from suspense and thriller to light hearted and romance to even cookery! (Siap ada spatula and baking tin). That'll keep me busy (oh yeah as if the kids are not full handed already!)

For my little diva. Note - must have beautylicious book. Her pick, as expected, and mommy tried to slot in a classic as well!

For my little paleontologist. Note - must have dinosaours. And cars too. And dragons.

Also, not forgetting something something for my baby Kaiden!
Here's my loot just the week before at Kinokuniya.
I was planning to get only 2 titles but instead came back with 4! Me and books...hopeless. But then I justified to myself (as I usually do) that these books are important, both to my kids and what I am planning to do with my future. As I firmly believe, when we give the right book to our children at the right time will make a huge impact to their life. Inspire them to have great minds and set them for great purpose in life. That's the best gift ever, apart from our love and care. So read on my child!

Ramadhan - it's a wonderful month.

Yes it is. Alhamdulillah, we're all in pink health to welcome yet another month of Ramadhan. Another chance to purify ourselves through self-restraint and good deeds.

This year, insyallah, my little diva - my first born will complete a month of fasting. Last year she made it with 11 days. Well done my sweetie! I must say, she started earlier than me. I was only fasting at the age of 9, I think. Even then, by 4 p.m I was so weak I couldn't talk. Of course, my older brother helped a lot by taunting and calling out all my favourite food!

It's not just about fasting - I really hope my daughter will understand the true meaning of Ramadhan. And I try not to promise her rewards in return but instead firming her belief that true rewards come from Allah S.W.T. (Note the word "try" because kids being kids, tangible and instant rewards are most gratifying to them). What matters to me now is that she tries her best and embrace the meaning to it. That's enough for now. I know she'll be a good muslimah. Better than me, I hope.

Here's my girl at sahur, eager to bake for breaking fast :-)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Nak Jadi Apa? Part 2

A conversation that took place in the car today between a 5 year old boy and his grandfather.

Abang Chik: Wan, when I'm big, I want to be a paleontologist (with perfect pronunciation ok)
Wan: What will I be?
Abang Chik: Wan jadi atuk jer lar, Wan dah tua...

Image taken from here

Thursday, August 5, 2010

10 blissful years

Yes, we hit 10 years this day 5 August 2010. Who knew these two stubborn and strong characters can end up together and stay together till this day. Well, actually Elly my ozzie days roommate knew. She in fact made this statement " I akan gelak tergolek2 depan pelamin the day you guys bersanding". Well the known fact was we were not the best of friends during our Uni days. We were at each other's throat but a twist of fate, we got hitched! Well, I knew deep down that my other half had a crush on me long before (haha! perasan weh).

What can I say about the past 10 years? Of course, every road has ( in the case of Malaysian roads) potholes! But we're good, despite numerous account of misunderstandings (and loads of miscommunication) and at bitter times, clash of the titans! And lucky us, Allah S.W.T blessed us with 3 charming and challenging kiddos - Kyasatina, Kashfy and Kaiden. Kids, you guys spin our world crazy with your antics and manipulation mastery (I wonder whose genes) - but above everything, you guys are our universe and we love you no matter.

What can I say about the man? Well, orang tua pesan, to know whether your man will make a good husband, look at the way he treats his mother. True indeed. Some girls may find this a turn off, mommy's boy means tug of war with well, dearest mother in law. Lucky me, my MIL is a super duper wonderful mother and credits to her, she raised a fine man.

It's shocking to see how fragile marriages are these days. One can simple ask for divorce because her husband didn't tapau food and another because the wife didn't put sugar in his coffee. Silly but true.

I sure hope we'll have decades of blissful marriage, and may our love grow stronger year on year. Till another decade then...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nak Jadi Apa?

My son loves anything about dinosaur. So I coached him to say the word paleontologist (hemm somehow Rose Gellar comes into mind) as he kept telling me how he would love to go and dig up fossils. He said the word beautifully when he went up to say this to Wan Halim in the first hour. The next hour:

Mama: Abang chik, tell Mak Wan what you what to be when you grow up.
Kash (proudly): I want to be a Trojan!
Mak Wan: Trojan? Tue kena pergi perang abang chik tau.

Kash gave a stone look and in his mind he probably thought Mak Wan didn't know better. What does fossils got to do with war?

On another note and a bigger lesson in life is to nurture our kids love and interest from the very tender age. No matter if it changes over time, we must encourage what they love to do. I had to learn and unlearn this the hard way. I became a professional accountant simply because I did well in my SPM whilst studying on my own (was in science stream). It was never my passion. I just followed the flow. Scholarship - uni - the bond - employment and as they say, the rest is history.

Now, before I can convince the kids to pursue their dreams and passion, I must first be happy with what I'm doing. So back to the drawing board! In the mean time , here's my little Trojan sound asleep! Till then....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Turning Point

It wasn't like an over night decision I quit the rat race. I've toyed the idea since lifetime CEO (aka the hubby) was given an opportunity to further study overseas (Plan A). When I tendered, plan A was still a probable GO. Then things changed - too painful to elaborate here - Plan A is a definite NO GO and by that time I have set my foot out of the office. Then my boss's voice rung in my head..."if you ever change your mind"... and immediately another louder voice screaming in my head "NOOOOOOO!". Me rejoining the rat race? No ma'am. I've got to figure out Plan B super fast.

I loved being SAHM but I have other dreams too. Also financially, CEO and I were earning quite comfortable paychecks and when that's cut into half now, painful adjustments are painfully required. No more impulsive spending and entertain. And so far that's a tough feat. Bugger.

We were both putting obscene amount of hours into our work and as much as we enjoyed our financial status then, we figure the kids need our attention especially during the growing up years. I know many out there working parents are doing commendable job juggling family and corporate world. Kuddos! Which ever way, there's no right or wrong. It's only wrong if things are not right for you. And I figured that. The only thing I love about my job is the money.Shoot! It's true what they say, money ain't happiness (well maybe gratifying at times when you get to purchase that lovely Choo or LV).

I'm determined still to make this new phase of our life more fulfilling with better qualitative aspects. And I feel I'm a happier mommy and that's important for my kids. I hope they understand the sacrifice we have to make from monetary status and that's said, this is a chance for our kids (and us too!) to value money and be thankful on what we have now. We may not have the luxurious things in life but our children will never go without and have everything they need. Till then....
My happy campers

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Welcome Aboard

Alas, I'm here after years of thinking on whether or not to start one. Yes, I'm such a laggard. Still, its never to late,right? Now, I have the reason - well not that one should have reason/s to blog, Seinfield is super rich with a show about nothing - to start my own. Blog, like journal is nothing new to me. It's the part making it public to others that I don't quite accustom to. I'm a private person (yep and introvet in nature but extrovert by professional). Privacy is so sacred that I feel I'm thrown off the cliff it it's violated. But I'm stepping out because I'm turning around my life. Hence, the blog title.

I'm 35, blessed with wonderful family and have up till recently a brilliant career. Brilliant but not quite fulfilling. Ask any mother, your child takes the centre stage of your life the minute you see the cute baby fingers and toes. To cut long story short, I finally gave up my corporate heels for comfy crocs (mind me, though crocs have a product line for office wear, I always associate my crocs to casual and freedom). So here I am.

What this blog means to me? As notations on my new course of direction, a fantabulous way to exchange notes with others (hey I need all the free advices I can get!). Also, above all, as an avenue for my loved ones to know me better - my emotions and thoughts - and perhaps, a legacy for my children to understand what their mom was trying to do and achieve. As long as she lives, their interests are the cornerstone of her life.
Wish me luck folks! Till then...

p.s A special tribute to cuz Ica for the crash course 1 hour in blogging :-) Thanks babeh.