Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nak Jadi Apa?

My son loves anything about dinosaur. So I coached him to say the word paleontologist (hemm somehow Rose Gellar comes into mind) as he kept telling me how he would love to go and dig up fossils. He said the word beautifully when he went up to say this to Wan Halim in the first hour. The next hour:

Mama: Abang chik, tell Mak Wan what you what to be when you grow up.
Kash (proudly): I want to be a Trojan!
Mak Wan: Trojan? Tue kena pergi perang abang chik tau.

Kash gave a stone look and in his mind he probably thought Mak Wan didn't know better. What does fossils got to do with war?

On another note and a bigger lesson in life is to nurture our kids love and interest from the very tender age. No matter if it changes over time, we must encourage what they love to do. I had to learn and unlearn this the hard way. I became a professional accountant simply because I did well in my SPM whilst studying on my own (was in science stream). It was never my passion. I just followed the flow. Scholarship - uni - the bond - employment and as they say, the rest is history.

Now, before I can convince the kids to pursue their dreams and passion, I must first be happy with what I'm doing. So back to the drawing board! In the mean time , here's my little Trojan sound asleep! Till then....

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