Thursday, August 5, 2010

10 blissful years

Yes, we hit 10 years this day 5 August 2010. Who knew these two stubborn and strong characters can end up together and stay together till this day. Well, actually Elly my ozzie days roommate knew. She in fact made this statement " I akan gelak tergolek2 depan pelamin the day you guys bersanding". Well the known fact was we were not the best of friends during our Uni days. We were at each other's throat but a twist of fate, we got hitched! Well, I knew deep down that my other half had a crush on me long before (haha! perasan weh).

What can I say about the past 10 years? Of course, every road has ( in the case of Malaysian roads) potholes! But we're good, despite numerous account of misunderstandings (and loads of miscommunication) and at bitter times, clash of the titans! And lucky us, Allah S.W.T blessed us with 3 charming and challenging kiddos - Kyasatina, Kashfy and Kaiden. Kids, you guys spin our world crazy with your antics and manipulation mastery (I wonder whose genes) - but above everything, you guys are our universe and we love you no matter.

What can I say about the man? Well, orang tua pesan, to know whether your man will make a good husband, look at the way he treats his mother. True indeed. Some girls may find this a turn off, mommy's boy means tug of war with well, dearest mother in law. Lucky me, my MIL is a super duper wonderful mother and credits to her, she raised a fine man.

It's shocking to see how fragile marriages are these days. One can simple ask for divorce because her husband didn't tapau food and another because the wife didn't put sugar in his coffee. Silly but true.

I sure hope we'll have decades of blissful marriage, and may our love grow stronger year on year. Till another decade then...


  1. Congratulations! Angah doakan berkekalan hingga akhir hayat. Quote lagu M. Nasir "Dua Insan" : Hanya kuasa Tuhan.. dapat memisahkan..

  2. Congratulations, my dear. I wish that you'll have many more decades of blissful marriage to come.

    So, you have finally joined to the dark side, huh? Welcome and happy blogging. Teringat zaman kita tulis-tulis surat dulu. hihihihihihihi :)

  3. Thanks gals... still practically a virgin at this, getting a hang on it. Lepas tue boley buat bisnes plak...

  4. babe, a belated wish from me ya... sorry coz tak wish you and your CEO much earlier. Congrats on your 10yrs anniversary...Woooooo...banyak gila miscommunications, clash of the titans hehehe...but look how far you & CEO have come and how strong your relationship is now even with all those "adventures"...hahaha I wish you many more years of happiness.