Friday, August 13, 2010

Books galore - yummy

I love books. I love sale. So when it's book sale, it's fantabulous and nothing in the world can stop me from going there. So it is. It's Book Xcess 3rd Anniversary Book Sale. So we went and we conquered. Yeay! Here's the loot for the day:

Believe it or not, all this just costs me RM150. Not too bad, eh? Book Xceess sells overun book production (and unbelieveable some are even new titles) at really bargain price. I just discovered the place at Amcorp Mall this year. A gem, indeed.

For mommy - notice below I have wide spread in books selection- from suspense and thriller to light hearted and romance to even cookery! (Siap ada spatula and baking tin). That'll keep me busy (oh yeah as if the kids are not full handed already!)

For my little diva. Note - must have beautylicious book. Her pick, as expected, and mommy tried to slot in a classic as well!

For my little paleontologist. Note - must have dinosaours. And cars too. And dragons.

Also, not forgetting something something for my baby Kaiden!
Here's my loot just the week before at Kinokuniya.
I was planning to get only 2 titles but instead came back with 4! Me and books...hopeless. But then I justified to myself (as I usually do) that these books are important, both to my kids and what I am planning to do with my future. As I firmly believe, when we give the right book to our children at the right time will make a huge impact to their life. Inspire them to have great minds and set them for great purpose in life. That's the best gift ever, apart from our love and care. So read on my child!


  1. Can i give you a homework, mommy dearest? How about you buat book reviews on the books yg you beli tu...I am interested to know the content esp on "How to get you child to love reading" tu...Book review pleaseeeeeeeeee laaa coz gua kan duduk jauh dari Kino...jeles tau..

  2. alang... setuju ngan cdgn tu.. apa kata alang buat book review utk kitaorg? One more thing mcm mana nak tanam minat membaca kat anak2 ye? nak baca buku sekolah pun, puas kena paksa. Apatahlah lg buku2 yg lain..

  3. Helo gals,

    Sorry for the late reply. As you can see its good enough I can open the computer, what more to finish a whole book! Baby nie memang challenging. ...hehe. N'ways it's part of my future project and I will share more in the near future, I hope. I'm on the first book "What to read and when" and so far I'm so into it that I feel like going out to get all those books recommended by the expert. Will update more on this.
    Along, for me the way it works 1) to read aloud with them - they love this and its a bonding moment too. 5 minutes pon jadi lar... bit by bit they'll come to love this special session and soon even you're tide up, they'll pick up book on their own and I support their interests more through their fav subject like Kash loves animals and Kya loves the girly princesses story. Once they have interest in books, I introduce other genres like the classics. 2) Lead by example, I pick up and read whenever I can, and kids will follow our act insyallah and 3) take them to bookstore often and spend some time there to browse the kids whenever I mention bookstore, they get so excited and even I don't purchase anything, the chance to be around books pon dah ok for them but I make a point to get something even a simple inexpensive book to motivate their interest further.
    I would strongly recommend to read with them. The power to it is so much more that we thought. A child grows up and recalls the mother's voice reading to them and it brings special memories and soothing effect that bonds the child and mother together:-)