Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Turning Point

It wasn't like an over night decision I quit the rat race. I've toyed the idea since lifetime CEO (aka the hubby) was given an opportunity to further study overseas (Plan A). When I tendered, plan A was still a probable GO. Then things changed - too painful to elaborate here - Plan A is a definite NO GO and by that time I have set my foot out of the office. Then my boss's voice rung in my head..."if you ever change your mind"... and immediately another louder voice screaming in my head "NOOOOOOO!". Me rejoining the rat race? No ma'am. I've got to figure out Plan B super fast.

I loved being SAHM but I have other dreams too. Also financially, CEO and I were earning quite comfortable paychecks and when that's cut into half now, painful adjustments are painfully required. No more impulsive spending and entertain. And so far that's a tough feat. Bugger.

We were both putting obscene amount of hours into our work and as much as we enjoyed our financial status then, we figure the kids need our attention especially during the growing up years. I know many out there working parents are doing commendable job juggling family and corporate world. Kuddos! Which ever way, there's no right or wrong. It's only wrong if things are not right for you. And I figured that. The only thing I love about my job is the money.Shoot! It's true what they say, money ain't happiness (well maybe gratifying at times when you get to purchase that lovely Choo or LV).

I'm determined still to make this new phase of our life more fulfilling with better qualitative aspects. And I feel I'm a happier mommy and that's important for my kids. I hope they understand the sacrifice we have to make from monetary status and that's said, this is a chance for our kids (and us too!) to value money and be thankful on what we have now. We may not have the luxurious things in life but our children will never go without and have everything they need. Till then....
My happy campers


  1. Babe, your happy campers....what do they think now that you are a SAHM (well, after several months of seeing you at home saja and no longer working?)?

  2. At first, they keep asking "bila mama nak kerja?"... then comes the part about money and sometimes they ask me to go back to work because I kept saying we need to be wary about spending nowadays. And now that I'm spending more time with them and doing their fav things, they love me more than money... yeay! I ask them, which their take? Me working=money but no time or vice versa and they quickly say "Mama stay home":-)

  3. "Mama stay home" wins all the time kan? I always gertak meisha "if you are naughty, mummy go to work okay" and she's like "NOOOOOO mummy, please" . It's priceless - the feeling of their "dependency" on you as a mother, just you alone. No amount of money can buy this :) Hang in there Alang. You are doing the right thing for yourself and your beloved family. Welcome to the club, mama :)