Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just A Prayer

That's the best gift I can give to you, my baby on this special day of yours. A mother's prayer. Praise to Allah the Almighty, you came to us exactly a year ago as a gift from Him. Kaiden Ikliluddyin which former gives the meaning of companion (in Arab) and warrior (in English) whilst the latter is "Mahkota Agama". True to your name, you are my companion day and night, my warrior (especially when it comes to crying your heart out!) and I hope you will uplift your religion and live your days as the humble and diligent servant of Allah (SWT).

The past year with you my love have been nothing short of miracle. I tought I lost you when I was bleeding, even worst than my miscarriage I had before you. But here you are, in my arms healthy and strong. You amazed me with antics and smiles that just blew away all my blues. You are every bit mine (and daddy's) and I love you nuts! What nuts I love about you? Here's some of it:
  • You have the loudest scream and cry compared to your big sis and bro (which drove me up the wall at times!)

  • Your monstrous bites - yes, the time you bit me while you fed on me and I bled... and those times you went around biting people.. you scare the pants out of me with your no mercy bites! Come to think of it, you had your vampire teeth first rather than the middle ones. Guess Mama watched too much of twilight and dreamt of Edward (shh ..don't tell Papa)

  • You called out mamama when you're about 8-9 months. A sweet song to my heart. You make big sis jumped when you clearly uttered "kaakak!"

  • Your development is amazing, turning on your tummy at about 2-3 months, first tooth at 4th month and by the time 8th month- you have full grown 8 teeth! Though you were doing you commando crawl till about 7th month, you're took tottering steps few weeks back and on this day, you're walking on your on own two cutie feet! Soon, you'll be running... but not too soon my darling :-)

  • You're the champion of shortest napper and lightest sleeper in the whole wide world. Oh boy... sleepless nights, I was baby brain for many months. Still now, you hardly sleep like a baby.

  • Our snuggly moments. You're such a big snuggler, you would snuggle and snuggle till you fall asleep. How I love that!

  • You love azan. You would stop whatever you do to listen to azan till finish. It must be the miraculous connection there with Allah (SWT), your Creator

Mama can go on and on how you colour our life this past year. You, your big sister and brother are my jewels. You all make me a better person and I'm so privileged to be your mother. And I thank Allah (SWT) for every minute of it.

Be well my love. Be a good Muslim. Be kind to all, no matter background, race or religion. Be kind to animals. Give back to the society as much as you can.

Happy first birthday Kaiden Ikliluddyn.


  1. So beautiful Alang. Kaiden is a lucky boy to have a great mum like you.

  2. You make mommy's day Sher darling :-) Every mom is a wonderful mom kan when it comes to loving their kids.