Monday, December 27, 2010

Never too late to say I love you Mama dearest

Another December baby - my Mama, my World. Happy Birthday Mak Wan.

In my hurried life - managing own home, career and family - I may not have express clearly nor often how much you meant to me. The sacrifices, the love you put in to raise us all throughout the years and continue to do so with my own children. Having my own (children) now, I know truly the virtue and worth of a mother's love. Absolutely priceless.

Although we have our differences in way we view life choices, know that I always value your opinion and advice (though some I chose not to adhere). You know best, but being the stubborn me, I like to wander and see myself where the choice leads too. Some are good, some's never a wrong choice when you learn something along the way. I may not be as close the wonderful mother you have been to me but I sure hope Kya would think the world of me as I of you :-)


  1. Happy belated birthday to aunty. aunty nampak masih muda la... apa rahsianya?