Sunday, February 6, 2011

A New World - The Montessori Experience

It's been about a month now that I begun my new journey into the world of Montessori and childcare. Yep, I'm an apprentice with a Montessori (somewhere in KL) and what can I say but absolutely loving it! Another major plus factor... I'm working and the same time my baby Kaiden is with me all the time. Well in fact, he's also my charge along with other 7 children. 7 wonderful children.
No matter what their background - Chinese, Indian, Russian, Pan Asian, Indonesian... they all unique and beautiful in my eyes. Some are even attached to me that they sometimes called me Mama :-) Attachment is important to build trust especially when a child is placed in unknown environment to them, and detached from their parents momentarily. The first two weeks when the children experienced separation anxiety was the hardest for us all. Them crying out (some even cried for all day long!) and I too feel for them. Lost and wanting their mothers so badly. Eventually, they settled down and amazingly some adjusted very well in a just a few days. And the fun begun - music and movement (and laughter), jolly phonics and just goofing around with the kids are enough to make me feel fulfilled for the day. Not working at the desk. Not looking at financial models day in and out. Not attending meetings to discuss the same issue over and over. So what if its 90% pay cut than before? So what is people think its not so prestige occupation? I'm happy and I'm looking forward to see my children every single day :-)

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  1. Babe, yang penting you are happy and you are going what you love. Much better than doing thing that you hate day in and out kan. So bravo to you and to your new adventure. I for one, will always doa & support you no matter what. Plus I'll forever think of you as a super brave & determine person to give up the boardroom and taking up this new challenge in life. Hats of to you babe.